Finntroll - Midnattens Widunder mp3 album

Finntroll - Midnattens Widunder mp3 album
Heavy Metal,Scandinavian Metal
Finntroll - Midnattens Widunder mp3 album

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Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Intro Katla Finntroll 1:56
2 Svartberg Katla Finntroll 4:06
3 Rivfader Katla Finntroll 4:08
4 Vätteanda Katla Finntroll 4:35
5 Bastuvisan Katla Finntroll 1:18
6 Blodnatt Katla Finntroll 5:11
7 Midnattens Widunder Katla Finntroll 4:40
8 Segersång Katla Finntroll 1:58
9 Svampfest Katla Finntroll 2:03


Dante Bonutto - Liner Notes
Jan Carlsson - Photography
Finntroll - Primary Artist
Mika Jussila - Mastering
Katla - Composer
Tuomo Valtonen - Engineer, Mixing
Hanna Wilska - Vocals

They’re quirky, they’re suffering of the Peter Pan Syndrome, they deliver ridiculous rants about doing the snuff-movie thing to Christians and about orcs and trolls getting hurt for fun and, most of all, they’re catchy as hell. No, contrarily to the common consensus, we’re not talking about fantasy fiction writers: we’re talking about an excellent rock band.Coming from a Swedish-speaking part of Finland, Finntroll are one of the very few bands of their genre who actually understand the always good part of laughing out loud. From the first moment “Svartberg” comes in, a comical melody in E minor kicks in, and if one doesn’t laugh or feel embarrassment, he hasn’t understood the joke. Finntroll have always been a joke band, but one that’s gloriously funny without ever coming out blasphemous, complete with humorous lyrics written with banal rhymes (“Nu stiga ohygglig fasa / Ur gravens kyla mull och dam / Han kommit igen för att slita huvud och lem / Äntligen har RivFader kommit hem | Now rise awful horror / Out of the grave's cold mull and dust / He came back to wipe his head and limb / Finally, RivFader has come home”, “Vi dricka ert blod, vår livets saft / Så mycket av det, vi inte på årtusenden haft & Blod och lik nordens kanter randa / Vi är här, Vi är här. VÄTTEANDA | We drink your blood, the juice of our life / So much of what we hadn't in the millennium / Blood so similar to the northern edges of randa / We are here, We are here. GOBLIN SPIRITS”).If the contrapuntal ridiculousness and the anachronistic keyboard sounds weren’t enough, the production is terrific, as every instrument gets an excellent boost thanks to the professional approach. Musically, the band doesn’t sound exactly “folky”, given the sparse use of such instruments: instead, they found the secret link between Black and Power Metal, with the occasional mosh-pit inducing section that suggests also an amazing connection with Metalcore. This band is capable of driving nuts everyone who’s a fan of theirs. If only half of the rock bands in Europe had such excitement, we would be more glad to step into such zone much more often. The music here is undoubtedly storming, chaotic and slaughter-inducing, but given the brevity of the album (exactly 30 minutes), one would be hard pressed to tempt it a bit.Highlights: “Rifvader”, “Vätteanda”, “Midnattens Widunder”, “Segersång”.