Sublime - 40oz. to Freedom mp3 album

Sublime - 40oz. to Freedom mp3 album
Alternative Pop/Rock,Alternative/Indie Rock,Punk Revival,Ska-Punk,Third Wave Ska Revival
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    40oz. to Freedom
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    Alternative Pop/Rock,Alternative/Indie Rock,Punk Revival,Ska-Punk,Third Wave Ska Revival
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Sublime - 40oz. to Freedom mp3 album

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Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Waiting for My Ruca Floyd Gaugh / Brad Nowell / Eric Wilson Sublime 2:20
2 40oz. to Freedom Marshall Goodman / Brad Nowell Sublime 3:03
3 Smoke Two Joints Chris Kay / Michael Kay Sublime 2:53
4 We're Only Gonna Die for Our Arrogance Greg Graffin Sublime 3:07
5 Don't Push Floyd Gaugh / Marshall Goodman / Brad Nowell / Eric Wilson Sublime 4:19
6 5446 Thats My Number/Ball and Chain Frederick Hibbert Sublime 5:18
7 Badfish Brad Nowell Sublime 3:05
8 Let's Go Get Stoned Floyd Gaugh / Brad Nowell / Eric Wilson Sublime 3:33
9 New Thrash Floyd Gaugh / Marshall Goodman / Brad Nowell / Eric Wilson Sublime 1:30
10 Scarlet Begonias Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter Sublime 3:32
11 Live at E's Floyd Gaugh / Brad Nowell / Eric Wilson Sublime 3:09
12 D.J.'s Brad Nowell Sublime 3:18
13 Chica Me Tipo Floyd Gaugh / Brad Nowell / Eric Wilson Sublime 2:16
14 Right Back Floyd Gaugh / Marshall Goodman / Brad Nowell / Eric Wilson Sublime 2:49
15 What Happened B.B. King Sublime 3:28
16 New Song Floyd Gaugh / Brad Nowell / Eric Wilson Sublime 3:14
17 Ebin Floyd Gaugh / Marshall Goodman / Brad Nowell / Eric Wilson Sublime 3:32
18 Date Rape Floyd Gaugh / Brad Nowell / Eric Wilson Sublime 3:38
19 Hope Milo Aukerman Sublime 1:43
20 KRS-One Brad Nowell / Lawrence Parker Sublime 2:24
21 Rivers of Babylon Brent Dowe / Frank Farian / James McNaughton / Brad Nowell / George Reyam Sublime 2:29
22 Thanx Brad Nowell / Lawrence Parker Sublime 4:23


Milo Aukerman - Composer
Brent Dowe - Composer
Frank Farian - Composer
Jerry Garcia - Composer
Floyd Gaugh - Composer
Marshall Goodman - Composer
Greg Graffin - Composer
Frederick Hibbert - Composer
Robert Hunter - Composer
Chris Kay - Composer
Michael Kay - Composer
B.B. King - Composer
James McNaughton - Composer
Brad Nowell - Composer
Lawrence Parker - Composer
George Reyam - Composer
Sublime - Primary Artist
Eric Wilson - Composer

Couldn'd disagree with the allmusic reviewer more than I do.This is a fantastic album that has stood the test of time.For those who know about the roots of dancehall and punk there is already a lot of crossover and not what I find novel about this album.At it's heart this album is a loving tribute to freaks and counterculture individuals who consume music that connects them to the performer.I find that this album is at turns: hilarious, sad and wise with a true humanity to it.They cover the Grateful Dead's Scarlett Begonias and it is the best cover I've heard.Very sad about the lead member who passed and what a voice!And I will not argue with the reviewer but please listen to the whole song. And when he sings about the rapist getting raped in prison it is a true statement about what happens in prison.He implies that it is hard to feel sympathy for someone who is a date rapist-he certainly is not glorifying date rape. And their song KRS ONE is absolutely fantastic. It hippie dance music.
This album lays the foundation for a truly unique ska/punk band. Every track oozes with youthful energy, a playfulness and a creative spark that is sorely lacking from so much reggae and ska. Brad wasn't afraid to mesh other genre's or go bat wild with the approach he took to a cover. His rhythm playing often has a feel like it's skirting a fine line around the back beat. It's frantic, chaotic but he keeps it in check throughout the song. Emulating Brad's style is particularly difficult and it still stands as one of the most interesting approaches to reggae guitar rhythm i've heard.Brad was a perfectionist for his music. You can tell he sat down and spent a considerable amount of time deciding how he would play up a certain a bar of the song, change the melody ever so slightly or change the dynamics of his voice. The way he weaves in and out of the rhythm with his vocal phrasing is probably a by product of so many of his influences at the time. It works VERY well and it opened up my eyes to how you could approach a certain vocal phrase from so many different angles. The actual production quality of the record is a product of the time and place the band was at when they made it. It doesn't have the same chrome that the self titled LP does but I do believe it is the most endearing record they created and a real pillar of the genre.
All I'm going to say is that I'm extremely disappointed in the AMG review. Frat rock? Open your ears, fool. There is greatness here.
If you have never heard the self titled "Sublime", I cannot understand how you can give this pure fun drop a mediocre review. This is the album that will be the 'gold standard' for anyone who truly loved this group. This is a bold chance of creation, that would never come close to being made today.
After 23 years, it is still a thoroughly enjoyable blend of punk, ska, reggae, dub and hip-hop. A stellar debut.
This is a game changing, landmark album that a huge chunk of the population knows EVERY WORD TO. How many albums can you say that about? Where else was punk, reggae, and hip-hop blended so authentically and awesomely?! No where I tell you. No where! A five star album if ever there was one.
This album is a great Reggae/Ska/Punk Rock experience, essential listening for anyone who loves melodic punk rock, ska or reggae. It's arguably better than their self titled "Sublime". "40 oz.." covers one of Bad Religion's signature songs "Dub" style. They also cover the Descendants "Hope" very faithfully. Bradley somehow sounds more sincere than Milo Aukerman. This album is truly essential listening.
I always put this on on the first couple days of sunny 70+ weather. One of the all-time best albums in my opion. Great vibe and funky lyrics!
The well written, down to earth, and memorable music and lyrics all make this a fantastic package that showcases the immense potential for Sublime in spades, which is why I think this album is far better than what this site says, as it is just so much better than that.
Look, Sublime was a great band and their music was the anthem of a certain time for a certain group of people. As such, this record has great emotional resonance and will live forever as a countercultural artifact. But let's face it -- this is an uneven record with AWFUL production. Many of the songs just meander in a way that isn't even dancable. If you listen to this record without skipping at least half the tracks, you might just be a masochist.Extra star because that cover of Scarlet Begonias is just so good.