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is taking care of the Estonian nature and Estonian people. This is the reason why Aura is supporting the nature trail and its maintenance in Tabasalu Nature Park. You can enjoy bird watching or discover the diversity of fauna and flora while walking or training in the park. To give a good overview to the visitors the study trails provide a lot of guide-posts and signs about the landscapes, plants and animals living in the area of steep limestone coast or nearby forest. The trail is open year-round – this gives a good opportunity for walking and sport activities with a family, friends, or alone. Aura is inviting you to enjoy nature, but always in a way which leaves nature clean and intact.

Tabasalu Nature Park is located in Rannamõisa Landscape Protection area which was formed in order to protect steep limestone coast and broadleaf forest. Rannamõisa coast became a protected area already in 1959. The height of the cliff is 33-35 meters and it provides a good view on the limestone, sandstone, clay and shale. In 1999 the Estonian Fund for Nature initiated the formation of Tabasalu Nature Park in the landscape protection area. At present the park area is developed and maintained by a non-profit organization Tabasalu Nature Park. The nature study trail was opened in 2006 under the subsidy of Tartu A le Coq Brewery. While making the trail it was kept in mind that it can be used by all nature lovers and also by schoolchildren together with their teachers, families, or by tourist excursions. All stands, signs, and guideposts are easily noticed for their yellow-white color.

Don’t hesitate to report in case of disturbances: phone 603 2053, Harku Constable Department; or phone 612 4510, or 110, Police Headquarters.

The instruction for the users of Tabasalu Nature Park and ature trail:
» motor vehicles should be left in the parking lot; only walking and biking are allowed;
» pets should be kept on the leash;
» put trash into litter cans in the parking lot, or even better – take it with you;
» make fire when it is allowed and only in places meant for it; use prepared wood or fallen branches; don’t burn trash;
» don’t take with you any stereo devices, try not to disturb other people or nature habitants;
» leave always space for the others in the camping site and take into consideration other people’s wish to enjoy the quiet stay in the nature.

Tabasalu Looduspark NGO

Ranna tee 1
Tabasalu 76901
Harku vald, Harju maakond

Kaido Taberland
GSM: 372 511 4864
E-post: info@tabasalulooduspark.ee

Reg no. 80167889

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